【KK看看卡】2019-20 Panini Noir Basketball质控图放出

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Panini America的高端系列(官网自称)2019-20 Noir Basketball将于美国时间今天正式发行。而先行版一周前已被抢购一空。即将上市的Hobby版本将会带来平均每盒7个签字或实物的配置。

篮球Noir系列是近几年来非常热门的系列,系列中的聚光灯签字Spotlight Signatures以及球鞋聚光灯Sneaker Spotlight Signatures更是受到球星卡收藏者们的追捧。除此之外,Noir系列的其他Hit还包括了两版Noir RPA——黑白、彩色版本。与往年相同,2019-20 Noir Basketball依旧会是一个为数不多的全卡签的系列。


2019-20 Noir Basketball也将在美国中部时间周三早10点在Panini官方商店上线。


Panini America’s high-end hit parade known as 2019-20 Noir Basketball arrives in hobby shops across North America tomorrow boosted by the hot-heeled trail of the blazing “1st Off the Line” edition that disappeared quickly exactly one week ago. The hobby version promises just as many fireworks by delivering seven autograph  memorabilia cards per hobby box, on average.

Noir Basketball has become a force of a product in recent years, a perennial favorite based largely on the captivating Sneaker Spotlight  Spotlight Signatures autographed inserts. Additional highlights of the product include multiple versions of the Noir Rookie Patch Autographs, including Black  White  Color versions. Once again this year, all autographs in Noir Basketball are signed on-card.

In the revealing Quality Control Gallery that follows, we offer a deep dive  the product in advance of tomorrow’s release, thanks to images shot by Panini America’s Keith Hower  Lucas Kinser during last week’s packout. Enjoy the sneak peek  stay tuned for additional coverage.

2019-20 Noir Basketball will be available at the official online store of Panini America beginning Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. CST.

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